I have a proven record of success, not only meeting but exceeding goals for companies and clients. Below are details on the results of some marketing campaigns I have planned and executed.

Medal of Honor Convention – Knoxville 2014

Digital Marketing Campaign Image

Raised over $13,000 and gained over 1,000 Facebook likes in less than one month by planning and implementing a local grassroots digital marketing campaign that incorporated outreach via paid Facebook advertising, email marketing, and organic Twitter and Facebook posts.


Potomac Pilates

Digital Marketing Campaign Image 2

Moved Potomac Pilates from second page and later placement to one of the top three organic listings for several high traffic SEO key phrases, increasing organic SEO traffic to their website by 18% in a year to year comparison.

Maggio Roofing

Maggio Ad

Doubled number of leads from same print advertising source in a year to year comparison through strategic development and design of more a targeted ad.